Door to Door

The company is well known among freight forwarders worldwide. Our constant and frequent usage of various trade routes in the world accounts for our strength, stability and ability. This has qualified us for discount facilities from major Airlines.

With effective use of high level information equipments and a team of top -of-the -line professional, we lift cargo from any part of the world and deliver to customers door step (irrespective of volume) within 3-6 working days (depending on the route).
Nellosun Nigeria Limited is financially strong that upon receipt of instruction from the importer, we will instantly pay for freight on behalf of the importer, arrange for immediate clearing, and deliver to the importers designated warehouse, while he pays after 14 days of delivery.

As comfort to our clients, our bankers are always at hand to issue a performance bond to guarantee and indemnify the importer against loss or damage and to eliminate doubts.
In addition we cover goods under our clearing with Goods-in-Transit Insurance Policy from a reputable Insurance firm. This Policy covers the goods up to the client’s warehouse.